All the dogs used in Lodestar programming are carefully evaluated and hand selected by professional Lodestar dog trainers.  We believe that just as every child deserves a second chance at life, so do the dogs we train. For this reason. all of our dogs selected to be trained in the program are rescued from shelters. We do not utilize a breeding program or "breeding stock" dogs.  All dogs undergo an intensive 2-8 month training program(depending on the service needed) and live in home with the trainer. Before placement with a client, dogs must pass the following certifications:

1. AKC Canine Good Citizen's Test (CGC)

2. Lodestar placement Evaluation

3. Public Access Certification Test (PACT) (only required for Lodestar Service Dogs)

In addition, Lodestar Service Dogs are trained a minimum of 120 hours, with at least 30 hours devoted to public access outings. Lodestar dogs are trained extensively in a variety of public settings as well as in the school systems. 


If you feel you have a dog you may want to donate to the training program, or to learn more about requirements for dogs in training please visit our Dog Donation page. 

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